Waking To A Winter Wonderland

When I left the city last night it was snowing with a little rain mixed in. There was a "Shop Hop" going on so the trolley was out and picking up passengers at various local businesses who were participating. I love Grand Rapids for it's history and how it has been preserved and cherished by most.

Looking around as I was driving through I could look at the faces and see a different time. It seemed so parallel to reality yet so far away. I was being nostalgic because I was on a high from the breastfeeding conversation at the Institute For Global Education. I really think it went well, though I never did bring up my peeve with the covering up issue. It just didn't seem to fit into the conversation the way I wanted it too, plus there is SO much to talk about within a certain time frame that I thought it best to focus on the benefits of breastfeeding.

It is December, and I knew the snow would come eventually. When I left the city there was nothing on the ground, just a few heavy flakes blowing around in the air. By the time I got home there was a beautiful white outline around the branches on the trees. By the time I woke up everything had been blanketed in crystal white snow and the sun was hitting it just right. It really was a beautiful start of this winter season. Though, the kids had a snow day today. I didn't mind because I didn't want to go anywhere anyways. I did, however, go out and take some lovely shots of our first snow.

Kiyra adores the snow. She was just saying yesterday that she couldn't wait for it to come. "You can make forts and build things and stuff. It's awesome." she says. I'm looking out the widow at her playing in it as I type this. It looks like her and the neighbor boy are making a snow ball fight shelter. (pulls curtain back) Yep. There's the opposition building theirs as well.

I remember one time digging out one of those huge piles the the snow plow leaves behind into a really sweet cave. It melted and froze a few times so it was super sturdy too. This one kid, Tim, who was a lot larger than the rest of us couldn't fit into it. He got pissed and went on top of it and jumped up and down until it caved in. It broke my heart....we worked really hard on that! Oh, to be a kid again.

I dare you.

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