Don't give up on me yet.

Man. These holidays sure have kicked my butt. We left for Florida on  the morning of December 19, went to South Carolina to visit Tessa, by BFF - who also had a son about 2.5 weeks ahead of Zander. Our girls were also born three months apart. We've had 2/3 of our kids together! Anyways, we drove home New Years Eve and got home at about 1:15 AM. That Saturday was my company holiday party, then Sunday my brother (who I hadn't seen in over a year and had just gotten home from Iraq) came to visit and I had the entire family over for a meal. -That in itself is a miracle because my whole life my family did not get along. It went really well though! My brother only stayed through the 5th, but my mom ended up staying until just last Friday (and I drove a roundtrip of 65 miles to take her back) then I drove my brother back to college the next day which was over 130 miles. I drove over 200 miles in two days - after the long trip I wasn't really digging that. But, everyone is back where they belong....at least for now because we have officially decided to let my mom come live with us to help take care of the kids ant to help her out of her situation too. It's a win win. Plus, it was actually very nice to have her here. That is very rare too.

I've been back to work since the 7th too....so yea......I just need a minute. I have a LOT to write about though and will certainly be getting back on track soon!!

much love,

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