Taping Into Durga...

When I set out to write this article I began looking for an image of a cute pin-up girl twirling plates or doing some sort of balancing act to express my life situation currently. As I'm browsing through these images I'm thinking about the things in my life that are going on right now - it's hard not to. I thought about how things at my job at baby beloved, inc. are going really well and how much I really enjoy being part of the team there. It really is a dream job, and I get this crazy feeling that they are on the verge of greatness and I'm excited to be a part of that. We are working with some amazing professionals and  revamping the store to really utilize our space. I'm OCD so I'm really excited about that. GO ORGANIZATION! I also just started a pretty sweet network for them so the mothers of our support group or even just the area can get together and network with each other. (You can check it out if you like, I'd LOVE feedback: www.babybelovedinc.ning.com) That kind of support is so important! I'm eager to see if it does well, and I certainly hope it helps someone out there. 

Meanwhile, I couldn't really find what I was looking for in the images so I started to ask myself what else might be a better representation for the message I want to send across when I try to explain how I feel lately. A conversation I had with my boss recently came to mind. She told me that I had my hands in a lot of different projects and just wondered how I maintained it all. she did a hand gesture when she was talking about it like she was grabbing from all different directions at once and it made me thing of the Hindu Goddesses and their many arms. 

I changed my search to Goddess with many arms and there were many images, but this one stood out to me in particular and I found myself relating to it the most. 

Though there is so much going on here, there is not stress, there is not anxiety. There is however, peace and tranquility. This is what I sometimes can achieve. I admit that sometimes I freak out - but I thrive on chaos. I like to have a million things to do because I can not stand being bored. Not even for a minute.  If I'm bored, I'm the kind of girl who finds trouble. (No, really...)

I realize that between my job, my baby and two older kids, husband who isn't around very often, my work as a doula and getting my business of the ground, blogging, making nursing clips & bracelets, buddy blankets & burp clothes - and still trying to maintain my jewelry line as well (+ trying to plan a party for it for March 29). On top of all this baby beloved is really in need of more hours from me and I have a hard time finding reliable care for Zander. We're working on it though....I just will NOT do daycare or anything like that with him. He's got to be at least able to tell me what's going on.  I've also signed on to represent baby beloved, inc. all next weekend at a major expo - then the following weekend is an equally major mom sale that I am setting up at on my own...that I have to have a ton of my clips, buddies and bracelets ready for... OK, so between all of these things, I could easily fill up these ten hands, and maybe even then some. What sold me on this picture was how it was described on the site "A tribute to the ten armed Hindu Goddess Durga. She was powerful and would battle demons to defend earth. The symbol of a woman's strength and ability to multi-task. " Perfect. 

From here I decided to research Durga further and I was really surprised at how well I could relate. So much so that I can't help but feel that she was calling out to me somehow, or that I had naturally tapped into this energy that we share which is why the path led straight to her. 

Durga is the warrior aspect of the Divine Mother. She defeated Demons to protect the Earth and then taught her army to make jewelry....seriously. Apparently that region is still known for it's jewelry making and she is who they give the credit to. 

Finding this made me feel so empowered to believe that I am on my right path, and even though I'm a little rough around the edges some times, my intentions are always good. I think that is all that matters when it comes down to it. I may have a lot on my plate, but I'm loving it. I am truly enjoying the ride and I am hoping that it continues to be this interesting and fulfilling. That's all I've ever wanted. A life that I could call my own, and I have it. Let's hope I can keep it going....



Anonymous said...

It looks like you found your patron goddess!

-- Christine

BEadECLECTIC said...

You're rockin' life, girl. Keep on, keepin' on!