Eco Bella Cosmetics GIVEAWAY!

The wait for the next Gypsy Jewels giveaway is OVER! I got my computer back and, as promised, I have great stuff to review and giveaway. The first review and giveaway is for Ecco Bella. Now, I am always conscious of the things I put in my body, but also what I put on my body. In my quest for good makeup, I discovered Ecco Bella.

First of all, I LOVE this message from the founder of Ecco Bella:
"Dear friends,
I started Ecco Bella out of protest to the use of animals for testing cosmetics. Soon the mission expanded to inventing products from the universe of organics and nutraceuticals. Thanks to your support, I have been able to keep my "activist eyes" on every aspect of Ecco Bella. My mission is to use my knowledge and passion for you to make the Ecco Spa a welcoming oasis where Intelligent Beauties can experience peace of body and mind.
Yours truly, Sally Malanga, Founder"

Here is what Eco Bella has to say about their products:
"Discover Intelligent natural and organic Beauty

Ecco Bella is a pioneer in the creation of luxurious natural beauty products and natural skin care. We are a health and wellness beauty brand that has revolutionized holistic, organic, cruelty-free products. Holistic doctor approved, we offer a unique expertise in beauty, nutrition and wellness. We create natural beauty products that help people achieve their full potential in both wellness and beauty.
Ecco Bella Doctor Approved Skin Care, Water-free Herbal Body Lotions, Natural Hair Care, Flower Color Mineral Make up with Flowerwaxes, Natural Fragrance and Natural Air Fresheners are for the most sensitive people. Ecco Bella natural skin care products are preservative-free, for sensitive skin, water-free and 70% organic. They save money as less products do more for you!
Products are both anti-aging and anti-blemish combined. Based in organic aloe vera in luxurious formulas they help skin to be smoother, healthier and happier. Guaranteed."

Here is what I have to say about
FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15 
When on my mission to find a great foundation to work with there were a couple of things that were most important to me. First of all it had to be natural and actually good for my skin. What is the point of putting on cosmetics to make me look better that are ultimately going to make my skin look worse? I'm all about prevention and plan on looking great my whole life - not just right now. 

The second thing that was important to me was SPF. All these girls who go tanning or bake themselves in the sun are crazy. Remember that older lady from "There's Something About Mary"? Well, that's what I picture all of them looking like in about 10-20  years. The sun wreaks havoc on our skin...it can even kill you. So, while you are "looking hot" with your tan today - you will most certainly be regretting it tomorrow (if it doesn't kill you). I can't stress enough how important it is to wear sun protection. Check out the Skin Cancer Foundation's website to learn more ways to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun this summer. 

After these two things have been considered, the next thing on my list for a great foundation was coverage. I have some dark circles under my eyes and a little but of uneven skin color so it was important to me to have something that would go on nicely and have great coverage....and not feel gross on my skin.

 I have to admit I was a bit nervous to review the Ecco Bella foundation because I really didn't believe anything out there would be all of these things for me. I realize that sometimes I have unrealistic expectations, so this product had a lot to live up to. I don't ever WANT to write a bad review....but I'm not afraid to either. I realize that my honest opinion is the best thing that I can not only offer my readers, but these companies too. I would be doing them an injustice if I did not give them my honest feedback about their product. I'm more than happy to say that this foundation fulfilled ALL of my wishes and than some. Check it out - 

Here's me being brave again and showing you my face prior to the application of anything:

And here is me all put together! 

 Not only is this a great, lightweight product - it is affordable! I have done my homework for eco-friendly products and most will run you no less than $30.00. Granted these products tend to last longer so they are worth the money...but if you don't have the money, you can't buy it. The foundation I received was priced at $22.95....and it is worth every penny. Since I was not able to write this review for quite a while now I have had a longer time period to try this product out and I am honestly still as happy about it as the first day I tried it. I will most certainly continue to buy this product and am proud to support a company who shares my values. 

Speaking of values - check this out! 
-Anyone can get an instant $10.00 Gift Certificate good for any Eco Bella product! All you have to do is share with Ecco Bella something that you do to contribute to a better world and they will give you a code to use on their site. 

You can get a FREE Mascara by getting a membership to both Primarily Primates & Friends Of Animals ($20.00)

You’ll receive 6 issues of Action Line from Friends of Animals and regular updates on the animals at the sanctuary. And treat yourself to a free Flower Color Black Mascara, a value of $15.95 as a thank you from all of us who want to help the primates!

Along with the foundation I also bought some lipstick from their. I have also been on a quest for eco-friendly lipstick that doesn't suck. In my experience with that it has been quite difficult to find ANY lipstick that does not feather away....I HATE that. A lot of eco prodcts tend to not be very smooth when putting them on, too. I bought one of their Pharmacy Favorites Lip Color lipsticks (which is on special for $5.33, by the way) and a FlowerColor Lipstick which promises to be smooth and non-feathering.  These lipsticks are great, but they do both feather a bit. Still, I wear my FlowerColor lipstick just about every day. The pharmacy Favorites lipstick I got is a little bit too pink for my daily wear, but that is the only reason I don't also wear it all the time. My other lipsticks and glosses must be jealous because I've all but thrown them away. Even though they still feather a bit they are hands down the best eco-friendly lipsticks I have ever found. 

WIN! Here is your chance to win the lipstick of your choice from Ecco Bella! 
How To Enter: 
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Your first entry should look something like this "I follow! I also really like the "fill in the blank here" on their site!". 

*You must do the mandatory requirements and entry before using any extra entries. Please include your E mail address with your comment so that I may notify the winner. Entries will be accepted until midnight April 30 and the winner will be announced on May 1. Winner is determined by random drawing of numbers through random.org, each comment you leave is a numbered entry.*

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Good Luck everyone!!!


BEadECLECTIC said...

Girl- you KNOW I follow! I lofe the pic of the tanning lady... hahaha!

I'd love to try their lavander body lotion.

You know I'm all about saving the animals- I LOVE their mision!

BEadECLECTIC said...

And.... I subscribe via e-mail. :)

You have me hooked on these giveaways...

BEadECLECTIC said...

And... I heart your etsy shop. :)

BEadECLECTIC said...

Annnnd... my favorite item is the Garnet and Hematite Black Faceted Necklace. :)

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And... I facebook'd this giveaway. :)

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2nd comment about subscribing via e-mail. :)

ava bones said...

I follow! And I love that almost all of the products of Eco Bella are preservative free!! That makes me happy!!!

kriste said...

I follow whats up! I hate following.
I want to try... Grapefruit Herbal Body Lotion

Heather said...

I follow! I love their lipsticks as well as their philosophy.


Heather said...

Fcaebook fan of Gypsy Jewels.


Heather said...

Facebook fan of Ecco Bella.


Anonymous said...

I love everything you are doing, to change our world! I Wants To Win! I could use some natural beautifiers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's me Sarah. I can only figure out how to do it as anonymous! grawrrr!