Finding Our Voices For The Gulf

The disaster in the Gulf is nothing to laugh at. I don't think any of us can possibly wrap our heads around the damage that is actually being caused down there - or what it might mean for our future, our planet & our Ocean. Oh, how we will pay for this one...and the way the people in charge of this have handled it better be a hard lesson for each and every one of us. I hope that out of this we learn to hold big business accountable and start EMBRACING NEW TECHNOLOGY. We know how to make cars that do not depend on oil - we've known for a long time. We know how to make fuel out of grease that is otherwise discarded of and have known for quite awhile. There are TONS of things we could be doing differently, and the only reason we haven't yet is GREED. If you have not yet seen "Who Killed The Electric Car?", then it is time you do. We are the consumer - what we demand we will get. We've really got to pull together more now that we ever have before.

I have been keeping an eye on the news expecting to hear a lot about the oil-separating centrifuge that Kevin Costner has been trying to get in the hands of oil companies and governments since 1993 to assist in clean ups but I haven't seen anything yet except for the yahoo article - but at least there is that and they are finally starting to check it out. It's a promising device and in a time like this they need to start looking at all of their options - anything less is unacceptable. 

One of the things we can do as consumers is vote with our dollar, I got an e mail today from Ecco Bella (remember the recent giveaway?) who is donating 30% of all sales toward getting the oil spill cleaned up. Follow this link to see the E mail and what they are doing to help:http://lp.swiftpage.com/LP/2X0WO8GH/Worlds_Largest_Gift_with_Purchase_LP/ 

Or visit the site and place your order - I am getting some hair care stuff and maybe even another lipstick. I need the stuff anyways and I always buy earth friendly and I love this company for that. They truly practice what they preach.

As far as the spill goes, we really do need to do something. There are many things that we can do, just start somewhere. Write letters to your congressmen about the importance of new technology. Write letters to the presidents of the car and oil companies. Talk about it with the people in your life. Be aware of what is going on and seek the answers to your questions. In this age of information and technology it seems crazy that we can't easily band together and demand better for our future and the future of our children. 

Go to http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com to put this whole thing in perspective and for ideas of things that you CAN do and then take action - no matter how little. Inaction is only going to kill us, our ocean and our planet.


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