Anti-Cellulite Wraps - They WORK...And You Can Win One!

A while ago I won a free anti-cellulite wrap from "It Works" and was eager to try it out. Angie Whelan was the distributor I won it from and i soon after contacted her for my wrap. She measured my legs in different spots before we started and recorded the measurements then she proceeded to apply the wrap and secure it with plastic wrap. Then we just hung out for about an hour. When all was said and done I had lost 2 inches!!

Getting Wrapped


Right After

The pictures above may not look like much, but I lost another 2" and you can visibly see that my skin is firmer. The next morning it was even better - I wanted to be a good blogger and get pictures, but forgot to ask my husband and then I went camping. Soooo, you'll have to take my word. IT WORKS! 

The best part about this wrap? It's not water loss - it is a detoxifying herbally based wrap. It's all natural and it truly does tighten, tone and firm the skin where it is applied. The ingredients continue to detoxify and tighten up to 72 hours after it is applied. It's important to drink PLENTY of water throughout these days so that you can get rid of all of these toxins that were just kicked up into your system.

I am throwing a wrap & Jewelry party on September 19th and one lucky winner is going to receive a FREE wrap! Wanna win?? I know you do - so check it out....

All you have to do is RSVP for the party on the Facebook Event page - HERE - and leave a comment here telling me you did. The night before the party I will randomly draw a winner using random.org and the winner will be announced AT THE PARTY!

Don't forget who your favorite jewelry maker is either at this party! I will be breaking out the best of the best here at very low prices in hopes of recovering from the loss of many hours from my job and a recent family emergency - so help a girl out and get some fly accessories while you're at it!

*This giveaway is exclusive to the guests of this party. 


Kaitlyn said...

I RSVP'd. You know I wouldn't miss it.

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I rsvp'd!