A Sneak Peak Into "The Mother Revolution"

I have been on such an incredible journey lately! Ever since I have set out to open my heart to the Universe and embrace my BIGGEST dream the world has been unfolding before me in amazing ways. I am attracting the right people and the right philosophies to inspire and encourage this path that I am on. It's led me to believe that not only is my dream the right and real thing, but that it is POSSIBLE!

I've been hinting for some time that I am up to something, and that I have been afraid to share what that something is in fear that someone else will steal the idea and run with it. Though I am eager to tell you what it is - I am also enjoying the suspense. Plus, I am in the process of getting all of the people I know together on this so that we can discuss it, develop it, name it and THEN spread it like wild fire. But, what I will tell you is this - I want to start a Mother Revolution.

What does this mean? It means I want to create something within my community that is geared towards meeting the needs of the mother (or daddy). This "something" is going to fill a void that I am extremely surprised exists. After all, mothers are everywhere and we all have extremely similar needs. The more I talk to women everywhere the more I realized that we are the forgotten MANY. There is not much out there other than support groups and play dates for us to be active in our communities. If we have to have a meeting with someone, it proves very difficult because there is simply no place that a woman can bring her child without feeling like they have to keep them confined (and happy) in a highchair...and no matter how family friendly most places are, we still don't want to be the one with the screechy baby. Then - there is no focus. There is little progress. This HAS to change. This thing that I am creating from the ground up will hopefully fill this void and bring the parents of my community that much closer - and will help them find time for not only themselves, but time to meet with others, time to DO stuff without the worry of what to do with their kids. I'm creating this because I so clearly see a need. I NEED THIS....and the more women I talk to I am realizing that I am not the only one. As a matter of fact, I haven't really met anyone who couldn't use something like it. So, while I'm not going to go into detail about exactly what I am doing, just know that BIG things are on the horizon...and that I will need each and every one of you to be a part of it.

Start by sharing with me what your greatest needs/challenges are in your journey as a parent. I'm listening, and your words could help shape this movement.



gypsy_jewels said...

Seriously?! No one has ANYTHING to add to this? You've never experienced a challenge as a parent?

I find this hard to believe. I know some of you are paying attention and reading this, so SPEAK UP! Be a part of this!

Janine said...

Haha I'm interested. I am the same way - I won't talk or write about something until I have it all worked out. I won't tell people what domains I plan to buy until after I've done it because I'm afraid someone will buy it - even if it's my own first and last name! - just to spite me.

My greatest need as a parent is for... time. Me time. Not a very creative answer, but true. The problem is that I'm choosy. I don't only need time, I need GUARANTEED time. An hour that I know I have and for sure won't be bothered for feels much better than an hour where I know I could be interrupted at any moment.

gypsy_jewels said...

I am SO not looking for creative answers here. I am looking for truth, and I think that this is a common need for most parents. And, it's one of the things that is definitely on the list of things we are going to be trying to provide for the mothers of our community. I think "a break" is going to be one of the biggest things that is going to actually come up the more we start having these discussions with mothers (and the occasional daddy). IT's a precious thing, though, this "me time" - and we ALL need it.

I can't WAIT to share the details fully. I'm SO excited about the possibilities this place will have - and how it truly could be a revolution in how we treat and care for the mothers of EACH community. It's still just so hard for me to believe that there isn't much out there to do this already. Like we're expected to just stay home or something. No wonder we have so much PPD in our society.

I want to change that.