What Turns Me On Lately...

There have been a lot of outlets for my journey lately. I'm starting to understand what this "Paradigm Shift" is and what my part is in it. It's very exciting to feel like you are a part of something that is so much bigger than you, yet so much a PART of you as well. Ever since I consciously set out on this journey of dreaming and self discovery it seems as if there has been a path opening up to me - and I have been paying attention.

I think it REALLY began when I decided to listen to my actual dreams and reconnect with Cassie. Before I left for Florida I had such a strong dream (and it was not the first) that our paths had crossed and she walked straight up to me and gave me a hug. Everything, every reason that we weren't talking to each other or had had a falling out in the first place simply didn't matter anymore. We were naturally above that. This is pretty much also how it happened in real life. I wrote her a message on Facebook and simply told her about the dream. She responded quickly letting me know that she too had dreams of me frequently. We took it slow and didn't see each other until after I got back from Florida, but just as when we had first met, we were magnets. A constant stream of complimentary energy. I am SO glad to have her in my life again as I feel like we are connected on a spiritual level as sisters. I truly believe that reaching out to her was the first step I made towards fully trusting the universe and following my initial instinct, and then being rewarded for it. It has been SO easy ever since and she has joined me in the journey whole heartedly.

Cheers to replacing negative energy with extreme positive energy! 

Along the way, there have been many things - breadcrumbs, so to speak, that have helped keep me inspired, focused and CLEAR on what I truly want and how I'm going to make it happen. I wanted to share them all with you, so be sure to check out the many links I have provided. I hope that something strikes a chord with you and helps you along in your journey!

A while back I wrote about "The Right Brained Business Plan" (so much easier to type than say quickly). That seemed to be a wonderful breadcrumb in this journey forward. From her site I found The Goddess Workbook/Planner. I bought the PDF and a friend and I made copies and distributed them to the women of our circle to help empower them as well. These workbooks have been a powerful and fun tool to get us thinking about our goals for the year and how we can make it the best, and most productive goddess year ever! It's really been wonderful.

Jen, from the Right Brained Business Plan, sent out a message about a new network called "The Creative Spiritual Revolution" by Laura Hollick. This seemed to start RIGHT when I needed it to, and I'm so happy to feel like a part of it. Laura interviews successful people who also seem to be tapped into this new "Paradigm Shift" and who have lot's of spiritual and creative insight to inspire and educate people like me who are ready to soak up the information. I have a special folder called "Inspiration" where I put all my E mails that I get from this and the rest of these wonderful people I am talking about here. Whenever I'm "ready" for it, I go there and choose one to watch or read. This has also proven to be an amazing tool along in the journey.

On top of this, and more on a local/personal level, my partner in my Breast Milk Donation volunteer work, Laura Dillivan, informed me about a local meeting at the Evolve Center For Success for "Unstoppable Women"  to network and build their businesses and support each other along the way. I went to last months meeting and had a wonderful time. Plus I really feel like the connections I made there have been amazing. Through that meeting I not only met a potential doula client, I also met Michelle Simons, A Certified Passions Test Facilitator. She had an upcoming workshop that was geared towards really connecting with our true passions and finding solutions to get out of our own way and achieve it. This really appealed to me, so I went and again had a wonderful experience. I also wrote about this recently as it was right in between my two EnergyTouch sessions, so the timing was perfect and I was open and ready to receive information.

Another big part of this picture has been mediation. I have always had a really difficult time meditating, but have found Podcast Guided Meditations. In particular the Deepak Chopra Center podcasts and a "Chakra Healing" meditation. These have been seriously amazing tools, and I'm also embarking on a journey towards yoga and connecting the body to the mind. I'm in rough shape, but I'll get there.

All of this has been such a positive impact on my life - and I am so looking forward to the future because I know that this is only the beginning. Instead of crowding my schedule last week I decided to lay low and just absorb everything that I had just experienced. To allow the transformation I have been making to take effect. Without effort, I have been FAR more productive. I didn't do anything last week unless I felt compelled and inspired to...and in that week I finally created labels for my cookies, created a business card that I feel is the very best representation of me and what I am doing than any other I have EVER had and while driving down the road to buy myself some supplements to help me stay in balance, the name for my BIG dream came to me....and I'm actually ready to share.

The big dream is to create a Community Center for Mothers - A "Mother Revolution". I knew this was not a name for an actual place, more a name for a movement of sorts. When creating the business card putting an actual name on it suddenly seemed like the logical next step, but I did not want to force it. Instead, I sat back and waited for it to come to me...then suddenly while driving down the road it pops into my head. "The MomUnity Center". YES. That is exactly what this is! I am in LOVE with the fact that it now has a name because I feel like these details are the next step towards making this that much more real. Towards opening the doors to not only a building, but a social revolution. THIS is my dream...my legacy...and I'm going for it.

Next step? Tonight is the next "Unstoppable Women's" meeting, then all next week and the week after there are some REALLY amazing and FREE teleconferences that I am hoping to tap into. All are geared towards helping spiritual, creative people reach their fullest potential. One is called the Soul Journeys Spiritual Leadership and Legacy Telesummit and the other is called the Belief Relief Intensive. I have signed up to check out both and have looked into what each conference will be about. My calendar is filled up with a variety of them that I do not want to miss. So, we'll see where these things take me, but I'm sure it's somewhere good. Good intention is everything when you're communicating with the universe. You really can't go wrong.

Share your thoughts!

What has inspired you lately?

What are you daring to dream about?

How are you going to make this your best Goddess Year ever?


Anonymous said...

love ya bitch.

gypsy_jewels said...

Love ya mutha.

Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration to all who know you. You has a wonderful talent for writing & your goals are fantastic! I love the name MomUnity Center. GREAT CHOICE! That's the basic idea of your project & the nane fits PERFECTLY!
Love ya,

Alia said...

Hi, I love ur blog! I am following it! Im also a fan of ur page on Facebook!

gypsy_jewels said...

Thanks Alia!!