Recipe Of The Week - Carmel Coffee Baby

While working on our holiday feast we decided it would be really cool to have some yummy specialty drinks, so we bought ourselves the supplies and were a little too excited to make them. Coffee drinks always sounds great in theory, but I never remember that I'll be drinking in the morning if I do that. Oh well...no time like the holidays! Plus, this wasn't enough to give me a real buzz, more like a warm belly and a satisfied craving for sweet.

What you will need:
Coffee (brewed)
Irish Cream Liqour (any kind) - Optional
Rum (Sailor Jerry's) - Optional
(Regular Creamer for Non-Alcoholic version)
Whipped Cream
Caramel Ice Cream Topping (squeeze bottle works best)
Toffee Bar

First we brewed our coffee. We bought some Starbucks Holiday Blend especially for this. It was delicious with a little bit of spice in the flavor along with the signature rich flavor of Starbucks. Once brewed make a cup of coffee like you normally would leaving room for your Irish Cream (or regular creamer for a non-alcoholic version).

Next add the Irish Cream and blend.

After that put a dollop of whip cream on top, then drizzle the caramel over the top and add crushed toffee bar. 

Take in the beauty of your creation, sit, sip and enjoy. 



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