We Had a GREAT Thursday Feast!

We don't celebrate "Thanksgiving". Why? Because we don't like to celebrate the massacre of our people for land. It's a simple truth that we celebrate a lot of lies and just tell ourselves that we do it now for the sake of tradition. In a way, we still go through the motions of this "holiday" because we love any excuse to gather the people we love around our table and enjoy great food and good company. We always find time to talk about the reality behind these crazy holidays, but we still enjoy them just as much as anyone else.

Our Thursday Feast was the first one I have ever had to do on my own (well, with the exception of Cassie's help). We planned the menu, got the food and cooked everything. It was a two day ordeal and in the end I feel that I will never take for granted what it takes to make a meal like this along with a sense of pride in what we accomplished and how well it went.

We had a turkey THIS BIG!

Haha...not really....but it was HUGE - and we have a lot of leftovers even after sending a bunch home with everyone. I was apprehensive about stuffing the turkey, dealing with the insides and all that, but surprised myself when I just went for it and found that it was hardly that difficult. We even put an herbal butter concoction under the skin....it was all worth it in the end, too, because that was one of the best turkeys most of us had ever had. Even Shawn, my husband, said so and he's a pretty hard guy to please. I think that brining the turkey was a good idea - a headache - but also worth it.

Our Bird.

All in all it was a great day. I'm definitely tired and in need of some recuperation. Everyone left stuffed and happy, and that is always what I hope for as a hostess. I love to be the home that people love to come and hang out at. Zander was fussy, but everyone really enjoyed trying to make him happy. We love to pay attention to such a cute nugget of a boy boy.


So, whether you celebrate or not, I still hope you had a great day. We shouldn't need excuses to get together with the ones we love - but it's a good thing we do in this time and age when we are so busy with our modern lives. Even with all this technology that keeps us all in touch it still seems so hard to actually get it together sometimes...but when we do it is priceless. Enjoy the moments we are given because life is short and beautiful.


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