Things have Changed

Aint it a shame when things have to change? Some of you may have noticed that this blog is no longer co-owned and operated. I'm disappointed to say that the dynamic duo of Juliea and Cassie is no more and you are now just stuck with me (Juliea, that is). I'm not going to go into details because I have respect for Cassie and myself and do not believe that spilling the dirt here or anywhere else is the right thing to do. I'd rather try and remember what her and I had for the good that it was anyways, so here's to that instead. We had a good run and it really was fun while it lasted.

Since the breakup I have been focusing on the positive things that I do have in my life and to pursue goals that I have made for myself. So, I went out last Tuesday and got my DBA (Do Business As) and opened a business bank account for Crowning Lotus, my Doula service. I have also decided that I will no longer associate myself separately from Gypsy Jewels or Crowning Lotus and I will go forth as only Crowning Lotus. My jewelry line has made a name for itself under the "Gypsy Jewels" title, so I will still use that, but it will now be known as Gypsy Jewels by Crowning Lotus. It's just easier than running two separate businesses.  On top of this accomplishment, I am pretty sure that I have already found another birth to attend which will count towards my certification through DONA. I'm very excited about these new changes and I am looking forward to moving forward with my head held high into the future. Though I will forever regret that Cassie and I did not succeed together in our friendship, I refuse to let it bring me down the way it has in the past when I've had to move on. I wish her the best in everything that she does. I really do mean that.


cypress sun (amy) said...

yay for the positivity. that stuff is hard...

best of luck as you venture forward!

gypsy_jewels said...

thanks so much!!