My Newest Batch Of Buddy Blankets!

Man, these are cute! I was pretty proud of myself for cracking these out over the past couple of days. The fabric for them had been sitting around for about 2 months waiting for sewing machines to get fixed and people to get motivated to do it. I'm happy to say that both happened this week. we lubed the ol' sewing machine and she ran great! The minor problems that I ran into were easy enough to figure out on my own and move on. It was really great and I actually can't wait to get more fabric and make more! I've got a pretty big sale coming up in March and I want to have at least 50 on hand. That's a LOT of fabric!

Here's the newest collection of Buddies and Burpies. Let me know what you think!!!

"Vintage Red/White Polka Dots"
Buddy Blanket
I lalalalove the vintage vibe, as you may be able to tell from this entire collection!

"Happy To Be A Cute Chickadee"

Buddy & Burpie

"It's All About Mod"

Buddy and Burpie
Love it. I want a blanket like this one!

"Argyle Dottie"

Buddy Blanket

"Mama, Don't Let Your Babys Grow Up To Be Cowboys"

Buddy and Burpie.

"Simple. Mod. Baby."

Buddy Blanket

"With A Cherry On Top"
I loooove this Buddy and Burpie Set!!

"Butterfly Fields"
Love the pink and orange combo on this. REALLY cute!

So, there you have it!! Tell me what you think!

xoxo - J.


lumin said...

LOVE the pink & orange combo!!

gypsy_jewels said...


youllshootyoureyeout! said...

Wow. I had no idea you made these, too! I LOVE your color/pattern combinations! Very awesome. I should buy one for Luigi ;)