(How) Do You Oatmeal?

I love oatmeal. Seriously. I think it's great and everyone in the family seems to dig it too. We fly through the huge canisters of Meijer's Natural Rolled Oatmeal once a week...or more. I started keeping it around when I learned that it was really good for milk production. I've been eating it once every morning for a while now, and my favorite thing about it? I feel full, but it doesn't weigh me down. 

My second favorite thing is the many ways you can make it!! I love mine plain with a little (organic) brown sugar. Not too much, just enough to make it sweet. The other day, Carrie and I were eating Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (MmmmMmmm - my favorite!) and I said, "I wonder if you put chocolate chips on your oatmeal if it would taste like these cookies". Turns out, it does! but, you have to put them on top, not mix them in. If you mix them in it becomes chocolate oatmeal. Not my style (though I LOVE my chocolate - ask anyone).

So, with my love for oatmeal in mind, I decided to do some homework and find out what other benefits my family and I are getting from our daily ingestion of it. Here's some of what I found:

  • Oatmeal is the only whole grain food recognized by the FDA to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Heart Disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women.
  • May reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.
  • Eating Oatmeal makes you feel full longer, making it easier to stick to a diet.
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure - even more than whole wheat, rice or corn.
  • Oatmeal contains a huge variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a good source of protein, complex carbohydrates and iron (which is great for me because I am slightly  anemic).
It's interesting that I dig into this information right now as I just received an E mail from Hop Scotch Childrens Store (Down on Cherry Street in Grand Rapids, MI.) that had an invite to an event the stores in the district is having to raise heart disease awareness. I sent the e mail to the women on my contact list and a bunch of us are going. I am really looking forward to it! (Free massage?! Are you kidding me, of COARSE I'm going!)

So, oatmeal is great. Not only good for us, but can be made to fit anyone's taste!You can put anything in it to make it fabulous, and the texture is even customizable. I like mine fairly thin but not runny. I will not microwave it because microwaves freak me out, so I use a kettle on the stove. I really like it this way, I think it tastes better and it's definitely less clumpy and thick. I put brown sugar in it pretty much every time, but I vary between other additions. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Aw, Nuts! Walnuts, Pecans, Macadamia, YOU NAME IT. They are all good. (That's what she said.)
  • Maple Syrup - not pancake syrup - maple syrup. you know, the real (and yes, I know, expensive) stuff.
  • Dried Cranberries or Raisins.
  • Fruit - Bananas, Apples, etc. 
  • Cinnamon and Sugar
  • Granola
  • Hemp Seeds (GREAT for Omega 3's!)
  • Chocolate Chips, or any other kind or chips.
What about you? Do you eat oatmeal? How do you like it??



Onewithwings said...

I love oatmeal! I use coconut milk in mine since I can't have cow's milk (Brodie is allergic to milk and is nursing) I usually add a little sucanat and maple syrup or some raw honey and cinnamon. :)

gypsy_jewels said...

Have you noticed if it effects your milk production?? coconut milk is a GREAT idea!!! I'll have to try that.

BEadECLECTIC said...

I love oatmeal, and really don't eat enough of it... you've inspired me!

There are so many different kinds of oatmeal.. I wonder if these facts apply to all kinds?

BleuRoo said...

Another oatmeal lover here! Though I must admit I don't have it nearly as much as I should. I love it with pecans and brown sugar, sooo good. And I didn't know the thing about blood pressure. I have high blood pressure so I'm going to make sure I have it at least a few times a weeks :)

gypsy_jewels said...

I don't really know, Val. I eat straight up rolled oats.

Susanna said...

My mother-in-law introduced me to dried cherries in oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar. Now I'm addicted! You can buy a 4 lb box of them at Meijer!!

sweetbiscuit said...

baked oatmeal
3C rolled oats
2t cinnamon
2t baking powder
1t salt
1C rice milk
2 eggs
1/2C EV coconut oil
2t vanilla

mix it all together and let it soak over night. in the morning, put it in a 350 degree oven and bake for 30-45 minutes. you can sub "real" milk (or soy) for the rice and butter for the EVCO, but we're milk and soy free so this is my version. I think it tastes wonderful and my kids love it.

gypsy_jewels said...


The BQ said...

Yes, and it adds some beta glucans for your immune system! Now that would be an excellent topic to cover . . .

cypress sun (amy) said...

ya, love the oatmeal, and i'm happy that my son does too. i make it in cast iron w/ a tiny bit of blackstrap molasses to supposedly add iron. i also cook it with raisins. yum!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE Oatmeal .. I have High Cholestrol and it does bring it down~! I love the Dried Cranberry and Raisin one it is good so is the raisins and nuts one YUMMY. My all time favorite is the one with APPLES lol... I liek to make toast and eat mine with toast.


Tag! You're it! Blessings!

Simply Stacie said...

Tag! You're it!!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

You know, I make oatmeal for my kids but could never bear the thought of eating it myself. But after reading your post (and drooling over the picture with the chocolate chips) I might just rethink my decision to give oatmeal a chance. Thanks!

Tag, you're it!

gypsy_jewels said...

I've been trying to figure out the "tag" thing....I'm not as savvy as I think sometimes. :P

Sara said...

My mom introduced me to the benefits of oatmeal. We eat it with walnuts, brown sugar, with a little bit of cinnamon on top (without the sugar). It's delicious! Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber.