I'm bringing Crafty Back

So, I've been on and off the crafting wagon for the past couple of years. Once I started focusing myself on becoming a doula (and a new mother for the 3rd time) my attention was pulled in different directions. My focuses have certainly changed. From what was once all about making beautiful jewelry and decoupaged items to the practical nursing and baby items I make now. I have to think of it as evolution...and that my life as a jewelry maker is not over, just set on the back burner for a little while. Plus, I'm actually having fun with this! I'm really enjoying making items that I know for a fact are helping women. Obviously I am driven towards doing that if I am a doula in the first place. It's just cool that my inner craftiness has melded so well with my inner doula. I have often felt like I was living different parallels....like I was trying to walk down different paths at the same time. It has been a battle - but I think I actually might be learning to create order from this chaos....make these paths into a bigger road.

It's taken me awhile, as it usually does, to pick up the pieces from the circumstances of my quitting my job a couple of months ago. I really committed myself and fought very hard to stay there but childcare issues eventually made it nearly impossible. So, when it turned out that I felt like I had been cheated of an opportunity by my employer, I quit. It really sucks and I am trying to over come it. There are a lot of mixed feelings involved there. To feel like you are a part of something one minute and standing on the outside the next. I've always been an outcast, though. I WILL be OK.

So - that being said, I have found a new determination and drive. I know that I have to work. I think one of the things that I miss the most about having a job is just getting to leave and BE ME for a bit. But, for now it is the hand I am dealt. In a few years Zander will be in school and it will get better. In the meantime I have to make the best of things. I can't just sit here and watch my husband work his fingers to the bone every single day while I do nothing. So, this is it. I've really been making myself do something, ANYTHING to stay creative. Anything to stay afloat.

I'm starting with taking pictures of all of my Buddy Blankets and Burp Cloths and stuff that I already have made and just sitting and actually listing them on my Etsy. I've been doing a pretty good job of it, too! I'm hoping that my new found motivation will be well matched with some mommies looking for a bargain somewhere out there so that I can use that money to put into the Milk'N Cookies and get them in stores. I'm feeling READY! My recipes are perfected and I feel really confident in my product and my cute new label. :)

All of these blankets and burp cloths were ready to go...all I had to do was get off my ass.
I made a ton of Nursing Clips just the other day, already took the pictures, and then tagged them. They are ready to go and I am planning on my strategy  for getting them into stores around town next week!!

I'm proud to say I'm on a roll and I'm not stopping.


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