What's In A Name?

Ever since I have decided to add the lactation cookies to my line of products for nursing mothers I have experienced trouble. I've kept most of the initial issues I was having under wraps because I didn't want to drag anyone's name through the mud - all I will say about that part of it is someone I had a lot of respect for basically took a lot of the interest I had generated over my cookies and gave the idea to another local business, creating a local competition that just wasn't there before.

 This was a major stab to my business as well as my heart and ego. Even though I felt pretty kicked to the ground I eventually dusted myself off and went back at it. I had a great logo and a great name (that I did plenty of searching for before I committed to it, by the way) and I was in the process of printing labels. I was even days away from heading into some local stores to pitch them and see if they would carry stock when a woman from "milkin' cookies" e mailed me and asked me to change the name because it was so close to hers. Personally, I think milkin is more like an action where milk'n is more like milk and - but that's neither here nor there anymore. I don't want my product confused with hers just as much as she doesn't want her product confused with mine, and since she was technically set up before me (not much before me, but again, these are details) I have decided to change the name of my cookies.

That was about a week and a half ago.

Milk'N Cookies is clever, but it's not super original (haha - obviously)...still it worked really well for what I was selling. I liked that it had an indication of milk, but not so much that it would creep out other people who are not lactating. That really seems to be most of the trouble I am experiencing. I'm trying to figure out if I want to make it obviously for {lactating} mamas or if I want to try to make it more mainstream and try to sell to more than just mama's. After all, the cookies are good and they are pretty healthy. Anyone could benefit from them! A few people have suggested selling the same cookies with a different label for "everyone else". I just feel like that is more work - and more shelf space in any place that sells them. Plus, isn't that TWO names I would have to come up with? No thanks.

The only conclusion that I have come to is that I will now be branding my items as "Crowning Lotus" because I have my DBA for that and everything should be under it anyways. Now everything will be "Crowning Lotus ________" SO, these cookies are going to have to flow with that. The other thing I am pretty certain of is I want the last word to be cookies or something describing like that. I would LOVE any idea or suggestions any of you may have - and if I use your suggestion I will send you some cookies and any necklace in my shop!

Here are some of the names I am tossing around
  • Crowning Lotus Mama Munchies
  • Crowning Lotus {Mama} Cookies 
  • Crowning Lotus Ample Eats (treats or sweets)
  • Crowning Lotus Luscious Confections
  • I'm also open to something like: Crowning Lotus _____ Mama Cookies
There are other things that roll around in my head, but these stick out to me the most so far - but I'm not "sold" on any of them. I like Mama Munchies because it would go along with the "peace, love and cookies" logo I have. {Mama} Cookies is pretty generic, but at this point I'm looking at all my options. Ample Eats just seems cute and is growing on me. Luscious Confections reminds me of Luscious Jackson - one of my favorite bands - plus I like the C L L C. I don't know why. 

This is quite literally all I can think about right now. It's driving me crazy! I go to sleep hoping that it will just come to me in a dream but it hasn't yet. I don't want to leap and just name them something, but, I feel like I need to get the ball rolling and not having this straightened out is holding me back. I'll be glad when this part is over, although I realize that is when the real work begins. 

Oh, the joys of self employment.  

For more information on what these cookies are check out my first blog post on it here - http://gypsyjewels.blogspot.com/2010/08/breast-milk-cookies.html

You can also check out the ones I have for sale right now in my shop here -


Summer said...

What is a lactation cookie, exactly? If I understand what it is better, it might help the naming!

And boo to thievery of products man.

gypsy_jewels said...

OK, I have added links to a previous post and to my Etsy Shop which has them (and even pictures of them).

And, yea....it's lame. But, I'm proud of myself for sticking with it. Thanks, Summer!

Sherrie said...

How about "Crowning Lotus Mama Blossoms"? Blossom being a synonym for producing since they help you produce breast milk. And it's also fits with the flower part of your name too!

gypsy_jewels said...

I do like that, Sherrie!!

Anonymous said...

I've been toying with names for you for a while....I have to find my notebook and tell you what I've thought up :-P

Anonymous said...

Crowning Lotus Lac-Treats?

Crowning Lotus Cookies 4 Milk?

Janine said...

I love something with Mama Munchies! I would have bought those for sure.

gypsy_jewels said...

Yea, mama munchies is where it's at. I'm pretty sold.

Hanna said...

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