The Health Evaluation Questionaire - My Initial Assesment

So, I decided not to start my new regimen today because I knew that I was seeing a chiropractor today for an  assessment. And, as I figured, I am a hot mess. I'm 30 years old and my entire body is completely out of alignment, I have so much wrong with me that it's hard to see what I've got going right for me. Basically, he told me that if I don't start getting treatment for my spine and get myself aligned the problems I've been having will only continue to get worse. And, lately, they have gotten worse.

So, here comes another part of this I wasn't sure I was going to share...but it's freaking me out and like I said, I'm planning on painting the whole picture. For the past couple of months I have been experiencing new issues. The first issue is when I step on my right foot sometimes I get a serious pain between my spine and the top of my pelvis/hips on the right side. It's intense enough for me to not be able to walk it off nonchalantly. On top of this, I've been having bladder control issues (GOD this is embarrassing) So bad that I peed in a friends underground parking garage the other day in broad daylight. I could barely even park the van let alone get out of it to pee next to/behind it. I was horrified someone was going to drive in any moment or walk out to get in their car...I also thought about possible security cameras that could be catching the whole event only to be played on Tosh.0 for the whole world to see. IN MY DEFENSE - I rinsed it all down with my jar of water and the lot was already pretty wet from the snow melting off the cars.

So, yea. How do you like them apples, ladies? 30 years old, third kid and I'm already finding myself in situations where Depends are actually a bit appealing to me. It's completely terrifying (and humiliating). I don't even want to think about what life could be like for me 5-10 years from now - or beyond. But, this is all an opportunity. Being aware of the problem is the first step towards fixing it and I'm really hoping that I find what I'm looking for because I have a feeling that my entire future depends on it.

One thing is for sure, I've GOT to stop making excuses to ignore the pain I go through on so many levels. I have to be proactive about this because I believe that I am fixable, and well worth fixing.

Below is the health evaluation I was given to take before I started doing the XanGo system which I WILL be starting in the morning - I'm also starting to cut out sugar. I'm planning on taking this evaluation weekly to track my progress or lack thereof.

The Health Evaluation Questionnaire
Name - Juliea
Date - 2.28.2011
Body Weight - 142
The primary condition/symptoms for which I am taking mangosteen: Hormone & Emotional balance (Bi-Polar), Relief from pain from Arthritis, TMJ, Endometriosis, Migraines & Spinal Issues.

Now rate the Following on a scale of 1 to 5:
1= No symptoms
2= Occasional symptoms or mild symptoms
3= Frequent symptoms or moderate symptoms
4= Daily symptoms that are tolerable
5= Daily symptoms that are bad or very painful

Eyesight 1
Hearing 2
Mouth, Gums, & Teeth 2
Throat and Neck 3
Back and Shoulders 5
Arms and Legs Elbows and Knees 5
Hands and Feet Wrist and Ankles 4
Circulation 3
Heart and Cardiovascular Health 1
Digestion, Stomach and Colon 1
Blood Sugar Level 1
How I feel after I eat 2
Bowel Irregularity 1
Bladder and Urinary tract 3
Lungs and Bronchial Tubes 1
Allergies 1
Skin 3
I feel when I wake in the morning 4
I feel when I go to bed 5
How often I have pain 4
How often I get headaches 4
Reproductive organs 4
Libido 1
Menstrual Cycle or Prostate 3
Emotional Balance and Self Control 5
Memory and mental clarity 4
Feelings of Depression 5
Energy Level 5
Stamina 5
Immune System 3

Feel free to list additions symptoms unique to your body that you would like to track. Do not include those points in your health index totals Keep these points totally separate just for your information.
Now add up the numbers you have circled above. The sum is your Health Index Number.
My Health index number is: 90
Observe changes in your health by adding to this chart each time you complete a copy of the Health Evaluation Questionnaire.

Today I mentally feel: I woke up feeling OK after shaking a headache. I was motivated enough to take Zander to a local pancake celebration to play and have story time. I ran a lot of errands and when I finally got home & cooked dinner (sloppy joe's, Mac & Cheese and Broccoli) all I wanted to do was sit down and chill out. I was snappy with the kids at that point, especially when Kiyra came to me and wanted help with her homework (after I thought she was already in bed). Math at that. I tried to get Calvin to help her and it was a complete disaster. I ended up yelling and hurt my jaw from clinching too hard and totally raised my blood pressure.
Today I physically feel: Headache off an on through the day. Tired. My shoulders, neck and jaw are aching and my legs feel fatigued.


Anonymous said...

Ha HA HA, cant believe you told that story! lol
love it.

Juliea said...

Had to, dude. It's like the perfect example of how bad it really is.