Day One: OUCH.

So, I didn't write about this yesterday because I had a total migraine and simply couldn't. Here's how it went though:

I woke up anticipating my girls coming over, but that came with a lot of anxiety for me since we've been having differences lately and this was the first time we were all getting together since then. I honestly didn't know if they were all going to come over here and gang up on me or what was going to happen. That didn't happen though, everything went actually pretty fine, but I still had the sense of nervousness and uneasiness about me. I found it difficult to connect in the conversation at times, I felt a bit disconnected with myself and the girls.

After the girls left I jumped in the shower because I had to go into town for the monthly meeting at the Evolve Center For Success (which was about branding yourself - and I certainly didn't want to miss it!). When I left the house I felt a headache starting and decided to buy myself a cup of coffee to hopefully counteract it. I didn't drink much of it AT ALL (seriously, probably only 1/4 of a small cup) plus I put only about half the sugar I usually add to it. It didn't work (worst $2.50 I ever spent - I should have taken two shots of XanGo for the same damn cost but I wasn't at home when the headache started). The meeting started to build in intensity both in my head and literally. It was the most attended meeting I had ever been to there, so there were a lot of energies in the room and it got pretty loud when the actual discussion wasn't going on. My headache quickly became a migraine and by the time I left (about 830PM) I was nauseous, weak, shielding my eyes from light and was really unable to "network" with anyone in the room. Instead I felt desperate to get home. And that is exactly what I did. But, instead of taking any medication I decided to take three shots of XanGo juice, tie a scarf tightly around my head and go to bed. One of my clients had told me earlier that her doctor had stripped her membranes earlier that day, so, I was preparing myself for possibly having to attend a birth. She didn't call, but she did have her baby. She barely made it to the hospital this morning.

So - definitely not the best day ever. I think it's certainly got a lot more to do with my quitting coffee/sugar in the morning that it does with the stuff I'm now taking. Today is a new day, however and I'm eager to see how it's different.

I woke up and drank 26 ounces of water before making two eggs cooked in coconut oil and a cinnamon raisin bagel with coconut oil spread onto it and a bit of honey nut cream cheese. After that I took the XanGo 365 wellness extended vitamins,  The Eleviv and the shot of XanGo. I also made myself a cup of Yerba Mate with some agave for sweetener. I drank another 26 ounces of water and the tea before lunch, which consisted of some organic soup, carrots and hummus and a few strawberries. When I came home I ate organic chicken casserole and some garlic bread.
Mentally I feel:
tired, lot's of anxiety, a certain disconnection with myself and those around me. Once or twice I did feel a bit elated, almost trippy.
Physically I feel:
Exhausted. My legs are tired and sore, I ended up with a terrible headache which lead to nausea, dizziness and light sensitivity.

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