Day Two: Not as bad as the first.

I think I like the idea of writing about the previous day in the morning. I've been having trouble getting to sleep at night and thought that noteworthy. Yesterday was a little easier without the coffee and sugar. I did start to experience the start of another headache, but I decided to take 2 shots of the XanGo juice, and even though there were still traces of the headache it never fully hit me. That is pretty rare.

I have still been really snappy, moody, not able to control my emotions or impulses to yell. At the same time I am finding myself feeling disassociated all the time. I can't quite put my finger on what might be bothering me, but, something definitely is. I find it difficult to concentrate or stay present in conversations - especially when it's more than one on one. Yesterday Cassie and I met with a woman from Natural Awakenings magazine to talk about advertisement for the doula business (which I'm REALLY excited about), it was a good thing Cassie was there because I had Z and it would have been impossible for me to keep track of all the information without her. Later that day we had a meeting at the Evolve Center For Success to meet with my XanGo Team for the first time. I was able to concentrate there enough, but, I still definitely felt outside of myself a bit. I had to work to concentrate on what was going on.

Overall, though, I do feel like things are looking up. I think this might all be a product of  an UN-caffeinated Juliea. I do miss coffee, but, I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it so far!!

I had no breakfast as I had the meeting at Gaia. I did take my morning shot of XanGo before I went and brought my supplements with me to take with my meal there. I had corn quesadillas with black beans, salsa & a bit of sour cream lettuce/tomato's. For a mid afternoon snack I had carrots and hummus and some strawberries with a touch of sugar. Dinner was a thin crust veggie pizza and my before bed sweet was an apple.

Mentally I am feeling:
dissociated, foggy, moody/bitchy, unable to find the right words to communicate with others - or even myself.

Physically I am feeling:
TIRED. I feel totally unawake and a bit like I could sleep for days or something. my back is sore and I did have a bit of a headache.

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Janine said...

I don't think I could ever ditch caffeine. I really need to go without sugar though. Good luck!