A New Wardrobe Without Spending A Dime!

Have you ever had a bunch of clothes that you knew you were never going to wear, but you still didn't want to get rid of them to Goodwill?  Have you wanted to get rid of those clothes and buy a whole bunch of better clothes that you will actually wear but you're just too broke to be able to afford it? Yea - US TOO. Here's our creative solution!

We got the girls together last weekend for a Dud Swap & Wrap Party!! It was a smashing success! We all brought the clothes that we were sick of wearing and they added up REALLY quickly. 

 We stacked and sorted in categories - jeans, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. It was fun even picking through the piles and getting a sneak peek at all of the goods!

We  then gathered in the living room and I presented each article of clothing. We had never done this before, so we decided that  if there was two people who  wanted something, those two would Rock, Paper, Scissors battle it out (although we did consider all out wresting for it) and if more than two people wanted it we would pick a number 1-10 and someone who wasn't  interested in the item would draw a number from a bowl. A couple of times we even had a fash-off. Each interested person would each try on the article and the group would choose who should have it based on who it looked best on. I thought that was fun - but it was time consuming, so the number thing ended up being our best option  (especially since we had a lot of clothes to go through). The clothes that no one wanted was put into a basket to bring the the local Women's Shelter - which made us all feel good.    

SCORE! Banana Republic Jeans for ME!

 Miss Kaitlyn and Miss Sarah Smile. Kaitlyn is the VBF that graciously hosted this party. <3

SCORE! Even Aurora got herself a fancy new purse AND a Tweety Hoodie, Kasandra (her lovely mama) scored the boots and the awesome green sweater (and a WHOLE bag of stuff behind her you can't see).

Overall we ALL got hooked up. We thought that there would be more to donate than just one basket of clothes, but us bitches are just so stylin' there was something for everyone. We all left with just about as much as we came with - but it was all new to us - and we WANTED to wear it all. And no one spent a dime!

We're DEFINITELY going to be doing this again. I think we all settled on twice a year (seasonal) to keep our wardrobes fresh without spending an arm and a leg.


Sarah said...

Fantastic time, had by all! I cannot wait to do this again. Nothing like feeling, fresh as Spring. In the middle of January; no less. My girls are all stylin! :D

BEadECLECTIC said...

I got invited to THREE of these this month. I was wondering if there was some nation-wide clothes swap happening. Haha

I'm so jealous of all the "new" goodies!