Day 8 & 9.... Catching up

Wow. It's actually the end of day nine right now. I've been a bit behind on my writing because it has been really difficult to find the time. But, on the bright side of that, I have been a busy bee creating and planning, meeting and growing.  I'm seeing more and more clearly what it is that I am supposed to do and what my goals are. Yesterday I met with a great lawyer who helped me gain some perspective on what to do now to start my journey in opening up the community center. It was so nice to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about and who I can trust will give me the right advice so I can work smarter, not harder.

I'm focusing on my fabulous doula clients right now and I'm so looking forward to these upcoming births. I met with one client last night and before meeting with her and her husband I took a minute and really visualized myself being everything that they needed me to be. I reminded myself how awesome I am and how I was very skilled and worthy of them as clients. I asked my guides and the universe to guide me and protect me...and you know what? I got everything I wanted, and so did they. Everyone wins.

I've been feeling amazing and full of possibility again. Today I went to pick up a side table from Pier One that I found on Craigslist. It's really beautiful and I am designing my whole new room around it. I got it for $30.00. It also happened to be in the area that Zander's doctors office is in and he had an appointment, so I got to be smart about gas. After that I went looking around for a nice work tote, something that I am really in need of. I did find one, but it's not going to work out because my 17" laptop wont fit it. What I DID find though was a queen sheet set that is organic for 39.99! So, I got the new sheet set and side table for my new room for $70! Less than I would have paid for that table new. I'm pretty happy. I want to get everything used or on sale for the room. At least as much as possible. It's really fun to have something to pour my creative energy into and in the end I will have this amazing space to live, work and continue to truly grow in. I've been visualizing it, and it looks good....

Today I am grateful for:
The opportunity to do the things that I love the most FOR A LIVING. I get to help women have babies, I help them face their biggest fears and issues in their lives. I get to watch them climb mountains and find themselves at the top. It's absolutely incredible. I'm so honored and humbled by this experience.

Mentally I feel:
Really good! I feel like I am giving myself room to do the things that I need to do as well as the room to do what I need to do for my children. I actually woke up with a smile this morning! I'm finding visualization practices and being able to divert myself from negative thought becoming easier and easier.

Physically I feel:
I feel pretty good the past couple of days. I have some pain in my legs, which, in retrospect, I'm sure is due to the rain. My back is still fatigued, but it's not keeping me down. Jaw is again/still achy.

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