Day 10 & 11: The Busy Bee

Yesterday I woke up a bit reluctantly, but, I will admit I have not been going to bed as early as I should. I need to though, because my days have been so full from start to finish. Yesterday I woke up at about 930 and I had a phone conference at 10. Then, my partner in The Mothers Of The Milky Way came over to shoot me for an interview for the Ford Focus "Focus Your Drive. Start Making A Difference." project she is working on. I was honored to be a part of it!

After Laura left I decided to clean my room a bit. I wanted to put some energy into that to show the universe how much I really wanted this bedroom I'm visualizing. I thought that by taking care of what I do already have and incorporate my new stuff, like the night stand and new sheets, it would make me feel good. And, it totally did. By the time I was done, though, it was time to high tail it out of there and pick up Kiyra and some pizzas and bring them over to some framily so that I could head over to a prenatal appointment and then come back and take the kids to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. We all got home at around 830 and I visited with friends until 930. I did go to bed late as I was browsing Craigslist for stuff for the basement. That was a mistake, but I think it paid off in the long run. ;)

Today I got up again a bit on edge and run down. Not that this day was going to be any slower. I had a meeting to determine contracts, commitments, and goals. There is a lot of exciting stuff brewing! I have decided to take on a business partner and I am really excited because I feel strong, like I am on the fast track towards my goals. Today we bought the domain TheCommonUnity.com (which I could NOT believe was even available! How perfect!). I'm excited to put the new website together that can really tie together all of the things that we are doing and offering. The goal is to have some sort of "pampering the mother" Mother's Day event and to have all of our stuff in order and truly ready to promote ourselves and our services. Even though it's a couple of months away, I realize that there is a lot to be done. I feel more ready now than ever, though! BRING IT ON.

After our meeting I coordinated some purchases from Craigslist. I got a Flip camera for $70 (which I found out isn't HD, so I might actually give it to Calvin for his birthday in June if it isn't the quality I wanted) and I found a nice couch with a pull out bed for $100.00. We have such a high traffic house, always have people coming over and staying with us. It's great, but we run short on beds. It's nice to have that and be able to put it away in the morning. Plus, we needed a couch - so this was like a 2 for 1! After picking up the couch we went and got groceries, then I needed to drop off my Comcast cable boxes because I switched over to AT&T Uverse. By this time it was 7PM. So, I headed home, brought in the groceries and got the house ready to move in the new couch while Calvin cooked some dinner. We ate, moved in the couch and now it is 1144PM and I'm chilling on my new couch with the bed pulled out. Cause I CAN.

I am grateful for:
I am grateful for progress! I love the fact that even though I am very busy right now, I love that I am not slowing down or allowing doubt or worry hold me back anymore. I realize I was in a dark period recently where I worried about who I was and the changes that were taking place within me. I worried where this would leave me with the ones I loved, I worried where this would leave me in my own eyes...but you know what? I LOVE that I faced that and that I have accepted myself enough to continue to pursue my goals. And, it's working! I am seeing actual progress and I think there is a lot to be said for that!

Mentally I am feeling:
I have been short with the kids again, though, I'm finding that it isn't as extreme or as long lived as usual. I can tell that I am fatigued and that I am in need of more sleep.

Physically I am feeling:
When the mind is tired, the body will follow. My right knee is really bothering me, with every step it is hard to continue to put the weight on it. I tend to push it to the limit though, and I think that I am certainly at my limit right now. Even though I have some things on my schedule for this weekend, I do plan on taking it easy as much as possible to decompress and take care of the self.

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