30 Days To A Better Me: Day 13 & 14: Ain't No Stopping Us Now....

So, I've been admittedly frazzled lately. I've been going to bed much too late, but the appeal of quiet time to focus without a child in my face is SOOOOO nice, it's hard to resist. But, with some births coming up, I really need to make sure I'm getting plenty of sleep. So, that is about to change. I'm sure once it does I will be feeling a lot better and more productive once again.

Saturday was spent stressed out about a family situation. I really let myself get upset over it and I was so glad to have someone to call who could talk me down from some irrational behavior. Still, it was quite draining of my energy and I was disappointed in myself for allowing that to happen. I need all my energy for the things that I am doing, so, spending such a great amount on something I have little to no control over isn't helping anyone - especially not me.

Saturday evening was spend with a new friend/associate of ours. It was really the first time we've gotten to just "hang out" and talk since we've met her and she is jut amazing. Cassie and I knew there was a reason that we were both drawn to her, and now we know why! As she was talking she spoke about her long term vision - which was so similar (yet completely different) than ours! So, the picture for The CommonUnity Center just grew so much and I am looking forward to seeing where we all get to go from here. I gotta tell you though, it's been an absolutely AMAZING experience to surround myself with people who are so motivated and goal/dream driven. And, the more that I believe that all of the right clients and partners will find me easily and effortlessly, the more it comes true. It's incredible and I can't wait to see what's around the next corner!!

Sunday morning I woke up and forgot about the time change. I was to be over at Cassie's house to do a photoshoot after Cassie did some henna. I was a bit late for that, but it wasn't too bad. We got the henna done (on quite the wiggly belly between laughs, talking and a baby doing flips) and took some really beautiful pictures.
It was quite draining of the energy, but, I recovered quickly once home. I made a complete list of the local stores and gift shops that I want to get my goods into. I also continued to explore Wordpress because I have no clue what I'm doing on there - and I'm fairly savvy at this sort of thing. We've got about a month before it's got to be up and running though, so I'm taking my time and hoping the universe sends me someone who wants to help us for free.
Overall, though, I'm doing OK. I'm progressing in my work and there is a lot to be said for that.

I am grateful for:
I am grateful for progress. I'm so glad that I have been able to keep up this momentum even in situations that used to knock me on my ass for days or even weeks. I've been really proud of myself for that.

Mentally I am feeling:
Kind of snappy, but I think I just need more sleep and to stay on top of the kids and things I need to get done at home. Overall, though, things are still improving!

Physically I am feeling:
My knees have been bothering me, this is pretty normal during a season change. I haven't had to take any pain meds for a long time, though. I don't usually take any, but I do usually have to break down and take something  (like ibuprofen) once every other week. I'm also feeling tight. I REALLY need to start yoga.


Janine said...

That henna is GORGEOUS! I had henna done on my belly when I was pregnant and will definitely make a tradition of it - What a wonderful experience.

If you need help with WordPress, give me a holla - j [at] alternativehousewife.com. (It's my day job and my passion!)

Juliea said...

Oh, I TOTALLY will!!