Yea, I know....

Man. I've really dropped the ball. I have been so busy I've been truly struggling with finding time to blog. It's easy to not find a reason to come back to it right away, too, once you've missed a couple. But, I'm back. Here's the skinny:

Over the past week I have attended the birth of another beautiful baby, met with a new potential doula client, received an EnergyTouch session, went roller skating and also continued to work with my ever forming team on some really exciting projects that are now in the works. So, even though I may not have been doing this, I have been doing.

I'm not going to say a whole lot about everything that happened this past week. I just want to get back on track and keep focused with my original goal which was to keep record of my journey on my new supplements/lifestyle. I will admit that not only did I fall off track with writing, but I also fell off with doing what I know I need to do nutritionally. I need to eat in the morning and on more than one occasion I had completely skipped breakfast and found myself running on empty by 1PM and desperately needing to eat. I did stay on the supplements, but I did miss a day in there. I will also note that I took 4 Eleviv before going to the birth recently and I felt pretty good throughout the whole night.

I Am Grateful For:
Giving myself some slack. I'm grateful that I do not use my weaknesses as reasons not to try again. I know that I will fail, but someday I will succeed - and that is what it is all about for me.

Mentally I am feeling:
I have had some really rough days. I have been finding myself snapping at the kids again, but I am quicker to correct my behavior or find a way to cool down. I've been going back a forth between really energetic and very clear to tired...but, it's so hard to turn off the thoughts. My brain seems to be moving and more motivated than I have ever been or ever thought I could be. It's really great in a lot of way, but it's also really tiring. When I went out Friday night I was so excited Shawn could come because I really wanted to drink so I could just shut it off and simply HAVE FUN (and I did - as you can see in the video below).

Physically I am feeling:
My back and knees hurt - but I have been really hard on them over the last week. The birth, the lack of nutritional balance and enough water then the drunken skating....I really put it all to the test this week. So, even though I feel like I am over worked and sore, I feel better than I would normally expect to.

I'm sure it's healthy to eat Steak N Shake at 1AM, right?? I wasn't sure I was going to add this one...but to hell with it...this is what it's really like.


Anonymous said...

Treat your self better! And I don't mean after the fact of the matter. And by that I mean, how you dont beat your self up if you feel you need to stop keeping commitments to blogging or your nutrition ect. Its good when you know when you need a break. But instead in every moment , treat yourself better. Make time for treating yourself better in every moment and you wont find your self getting run out.
I hate how you said : I know that I will fail, but someday I will succeed- and that is what it is about for me.
deeee pressing.
Shape up! lol

Juliea said...

When I said that I was thinking along the lines of "treating failures and successes the same". That through each failure I will learn and grow - and then I will try something new.