Day Six: RESET.

I woke up trying to keep my optimism up and ready to face the day. I was actually kind of excited to get up, you know why? Cause I decided to go back to COFFEE! That's right folks, I gave it a week and HATED it. So, happily I am returning to my daily cup of joe...the only difference is I won't be using the pound of sugar that I usually use in my coffee. I'm instead using agave. I feel really good about this decision and also feel pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for a whole week.

I went to a friends house that I had not been to before. I really wanted to share my cookies because two of the people there work in a health food store that I want to get them into and wanted people to sample the product, so, I drove almost all the way there before I realized I had totally forgotten the cookies! I turned around and went to get them, making me late - but late with cookies! Everyone seemed to enjoy them and I had a really good time getting to know some new people. I am really into the fact that I have been truly attracting all of the right people into my life that are so in line with my morals and goals lately.

I came home and worked out my schedule for the upcoming week. I feel like things are again on track and I am feeling motivated and ready to face my dreams again. It's good!

Today I am greatful for:
New friends! It was really nice to hang out with everyone and I felt so accepted. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow relationships like this. :)

Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy (made with organic sausage and homemade gravy)
Lunch:......I skipped lunch. I felt a little weird eating after everyone else was done eating at the gathering at my friends house.
Dinner: Breakfast! Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns and Pancakes
3 shots of Mangosteen Juice
Daily Vitamins
60 ounces of water

Mentally I am feeling:
Inspired! I am looking forward to continuing with my journey and following my dreams again! I was less snappy with my kids - even when they totally deserved it - and I feel more balanced overall. (The sunshine didn't hurt).

Physically I feel:
I actually felt pretty good! Nothing to complain about anyways. I have been getting "my groove back" (if ya know what I'm sayin') and I think that always helps. ;)


AiramanaHeirlooms said...

Life rule # 7 - You're never actually "late" if you bring cookies to share. :P

Good to hear things are evening out and looking up!

Juliea said...

hahaa....isn't THAT the truth. ;)

And thanks, I didn't even realize I had gone to such a dark place in my life until I started coming back out of it. I'm so lucky to have the will to get better and the support and love from friends like YOU!