I'm so in love with summer. I love bare feet and bbq's, back yard fires and the sound of the birds singing. Lately I have been spending a lot of time outside with my kids - and my Hula Hoop. Last year I vended next to Ken Keil of Hoopy Go Lucky. I bought a hoop from him and have been hooked (or should I say hooped) ever since. I have found a lot of peace and stress relief from hooping and I feel like it's making me a happier person overall. I could even dare say that my sex life has improved. I definitely feel sexier and that is always a plus.

Since I love hooping so much, I have decided to start a "Hoop Group". A weekly group that meets up at a park and hoops for an hour. Often times we end up in a circle and talk about the adventures of motherhood. It's a really good time and we all really seem to be catching the hoop fever. Luckily, Ken has supplied me with a few extra hoops so people who do not have one can try before they buy and also have the option to order one. So far it's been a really fun journey! It's a lot like the feeling I experience as a doula - woman meets hoop and thinks she can't do it. Doula encourages woman to try and watches as woman accomplishes things she never thought she could. :)

Here are a few videos I've gotten so far:
My first video right after I started hooping-
Second Video - Week 3 -

Want to join us? Check out the Hoop Group Facebook page for dates and locations!

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