I believe I may have come to a compromise for myself on what to do with this blog. You see, I have been becoming too polite. Too "mainstream". I watch what I say on my facebook because I am knee deep in the birthing community from all over the world by now, plus possible clients, past clients, yadda yadda. I still keep it pretty real on my personal Facebook page - but I also keep myself in check of these things. My Fan Page? Forget about it. I ride the middle of the road there. Nothing "too" controversial or opinionated. My business isn't the place for my strong opinions. My job, instead, is to honor someone else's. And, I'm OK with that. But, I need an outlet....and, this is going to be it.

For those of you already subscribed, I don't apologize for the things you may begin to read....I don't apologize because they are real. and, we need more "real" in this world....don't you think? Now, I'm not asking anyone to agree with me - I love a good debate and I, unlike many, think that it's AWESOME that we're all different and see things from so many colored perspectives. So, on that note - as of now, right this moment (1:16AM - 8.5.11) - I have hijacked this blog as my voice to the world. You can totally jump ship now if you are afraid, or you can stick around. But, no whining. I get enough of that shit here.

It's my blog and I'll say whatever I want.

What's to come?
I think it might be fun to try and compile some of my old writings. Old My Space blogs, essays, poems, etc. I also want to write freely about my life, leaving out the details of other people and instead focusing on my part in the picture. I'm going to paint my life. My thoughts. My actions.



Christine said...

Dun dun dun!

Juliea said...

lol...for real.

Anonymous said...

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