My Reiki Journey

My journey of my Reiki level 1 attunement yesterday was incredible. The drive was about an hour long into the country side, down a couple of dirt roads and then a short hike into the woods. When I got there another student was at the path making her way, so she waited for me and we walked together. As we made it to the clearing in the woods there is a round temple type place. Upon entering this round room where we would be spending the day learning, sharing and growing together I noticed beautiful and inspiring art work, an alter and crystals in every window sill. As we began we were smudged by Karen, our teacher. We started with the history of Reiki, about Mikao Usui, Dr. Chuujuru Hayashi & Mrs. Hawayo Takata, how Reiki came about and found it's way to the U.S. From there we went into what Reiki IS - here is a brief description:

"Reiki is the pure form of healing called the "Universal Life Force". It contains the untouched love of creation. Reiki is a laying on of hands form of healing that has been used for thousands of years and is a very powerful yet simple healing technique that can be learned by anyone but can only be passed down from a teacher to a student."

I have always been very intuitive, and have been using healing energy through touch for years. It comes very naturally to me. Becoming a Reiki Master was not something I was actively pursuing, the opportunity presented itself to me and I did not hesitate. I believe that my teacher, Karen, was sent to me. Reiki isn't only going to be something more that I can offer my clients, but, I believe it will be part of my own personal healing process.

After we learned about all of the systems of the Chakras, one of the students asked if she could read our aura's for us. Mine was pretty grey and murky around my base Chakras, green around my heart pink around my face and white above my head. The grey part needs so much work, there is a lifetime of damage that I am still digging myself out of. The pink, she said, was because part of me was still struggling to be youthful. When she told me that I was never really able to be a child I broke down. I knew everything she was saying was truth, but, I also knew that this was my temporary truth. I am in the process of finding my way out of these patterns and into my greatest potential.

We did two guided meditations which were both very powerful and insightful. The first was to open our Chakras the second was to meet our Reiki guides. This meditation was way more than I expected. I met my guide and she cared for me like a mother. She held me like a baby and assured me that everything was going to be OK and that she was always going to be there for me. I cried like a baby through this meditation. Tears rolled silently down my face as I received my messages and pure unconditional love from her. This meditation was by far the most profound meditation of my life.

I received my Level 1 Attunement from Karen along with 4 other beautiful women who attending this workshop with me. As I sit here, the next day, I feel so incredibly grateful for Karen and for taking these first steps in this journey. I feel hopeful and filled with excitement for my future in Reiki and the possibilities that holds for me.

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