Aint To Proud To Beg

My life desperately needs to get easier. After Shawn's mom got sick and he left to be with her in Florida - with my transportation - I have had some real awakenings. One being that it's OK to ask for - and receive help from others. As my business continues to grow and I keep getting busier (and yes, I do have a social life, too), I'm realizing how unsustainable my home is in the way that it is run. Things just can't stay like this....it's effecting all of us in negative ways I simply won't allow that anymore.

The though of sorting it all out or figuring out "how" to run a household paralyses me. It seems like such a large task, especially because I'm so busy (-and, I like it that way). But, the weight of the problem is ultimately taking more time/energy than just about everything else in my life - it's almost all I think about!

I just need help. Motivation. SOMETHING! Teach me! I have no sense of stability because before having a family of my own the longest I lived with one family in one home was 4 years. No one really taught me how to cook and clean or anything.

 I'm open to help/suggestions on some stuff. Here are the things the hold me back the most:

1. Dinner. I really hate making dinner....or should I say I hate planning for dinner. I don't like thinking it up, going to the store and then the making it. I've been considering starting some sort of meal share? The kids need something chilling in the freezer for when I have to be gone at appointments or bEARTH's.

2. My garage and basement need an overhaul. I desperately need to purge, have a garage sale and then redo a lot of the basement (we need to build a wall, do some dry wall & flooring and build a bathroom). This HAS to get done so we can all have the space we need to FLOW. There is no flow, only frustration and irritation right now. I can't take it!

3. I need office space and flow. BADLY. I am interested in either making something here (which, even if I have an office elsewhere I would probably need some space here to work as well) or buying/renting a place in Grand Rapids. I need someone to help me find a place or help me organize some office flow into my home.

There's other stuff, too....but these are the things that are holding me back the most. I'm just throwing it out there for the universe to respond - as it always does. <3

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BEadECLECTIC said...

What about making soups and casseroles you can freeze for those "REALLY don't want to cook" nights? There are awesome recipes out there!

Make a list of large projects, put them in the order you want them done, then re-order that list to how you CAN get them done. (Because seriously... sometimes these projects are mucho expensive and you need to work up to them.)

Maybe focus on teh garage first? You don't need to buy anything to get rid of things. `

Use your BLOG for motivation. If you don't feel like cleaning the garage, knowing you posted your "before" picture and promised an "after picture mby the ned of next week might give you the kick in the ass you need to get started. Once you're moving and see progress, the easier it will be to keep going.

Try to start your first "project" (even if it's freezing future meals) on a day you have NOTHING else to do. It's easier that way.

Hope taht helps, ho.