Attune To The Moon - Ways To Honor Our Sacred Moon Time

I am womb. I am womb'en. I am of the Earth and the Earth is of me. I ebb and flow as Grandmother Moon governs over me. She governs over you as well - and the more we open up and allow her to the better everything gets. Attune to the moon - you wont regret it.

I've been speaking about Womb Wellness, initiated a Sister Circle and begun bleeding sacredly. Through this, I have learned that our periods are not a curse - and that that very notion is the curse on us as womb'en. We are now conditioned to hide our blood time at all costs. We don't talk about it, we push through it and fight it. We curse our wombs. We tell ourselves that it is inconvenient - that it hurts - that we HATE it. Our wombs respond to this betrayal with pain and often dis-ease which tends to perpetuate the cycle.

When our sisters complain that they are bleeding we sympathize with them instead of rejoicing because she is healthy and blessed! What we should be doing is honoring that womb'en and encouraging her to relax and embrace this opportunity her womb has given her to stop, reflect and RELEASE.

Since I initiated the Sister Circle my Sacred Moon has been migrating to the Full Moon and I am almost completely there. As I type this - on the first day of my Sacred Moon Time - it is 2 days before the Full Moon (the biggest of the year). Before initiating the circle I always started on the day of the New Moon. Every time. Many of the sisters in the circle are also experiencing significant changes to their lives including when and how they bleed. It's had such a profound effect on my life and the lives of my sisters that I have begun holding discussions about this topic to other women in hopes that they, too, will begin a sister circle and open up to the awakening of the Divine Feminine within them.

There is true revolution in this. 

We'moon have been treated poorly by cultures, men and ultimately each other for far too long. It's one thing to see clearly how intimidated men were by womb'en and their sacred, life giving powers. I makes sense to me that they would fear this and try to take our power from us and make us subservient to them. Though I do not agree - I understand...and even forgive. However, why we as sisters began to turn on each other is beyond me. Keeping the Moon Lodge in tact was probably our greatest chance at keeping our powers in tact. Instead we decided it was better to try to live up to the standards of man which put us all in competition with each other.

The Moon Lodge is not lost completely, and the blessing is that we can take it back at any time and restore the honor to womb'en and their cyclic connection to nature. As more and more womb'en choose to do this and rejoice with their fellow sisters balance will begin  to be restored in the world. We may know peace through a movement such as this.

Many of the womb'en I talk to about this part of the journey I am on, especially the sister circle, initially seem a bit freaked out by 'so much female energy'. Many of us are baffled at the idea that a group of women can get together and honor, love and support each other purely. But, we do. Twice a month. With each New and Full Moon I gather with these women, my sisters. We share a sacred circle which is full of different color, marital and parental status, age, religion/spirituality and sexuality and yet - it's beautiful. There's no drama or competition, there's BALANCE. Many of the sisters themselves are baffled by this, but the one thing many of us have in common is that we were the kinds of girls that could easily hang out with the guys. We are all pretty balanced in our masculine and feminine energies. For the others, finding that balance becomes easy when the example is made.

It becomes natural to see everything differently, every womb'en differently. We begin to heal the traumas that we have put our wombs through or that others have inflicted upon us, we begin to feel connected to the wombs we come from and realize that the trauma is generational. We can heal not only ourselves, but our mothers and grandmothers on down the line through our self healing. Imagine what this creates for the generations to come. Imagine being that womb'en who chose to break the chain of suffering. How wonderful would that be??

Celebrate Your Moon.

Begin by no longer considering you "period" a curse. Begin to see it as your purest essence, your hint to RELAX, RELEASE and RENEW. We are all here - EVERYTHING is here because of woman and her ability to bleed and flow with this life force. You must understand that you would be nothing without it and begin to show some respect to your womb.

There are lot's of other ways to celebrate your Sacred Moon Time - but - most importantly, you must do what feels right for YOU. Create your own path and ways to celebrate and acknowledge your moon. Don't fight so hard to cover it up! Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Wear Red! Or, whatever color you want - red is obvious, but choose whatever color resonates with you  and your womb. This can be a special scarf, earrings, a necklace or bracelet - maybe even wear red panties or try to find red cloth pads. 
  • Buy yourself RED flowers! I've bought myself red roses and love watching them open up throughout my Sacred Moon.
  • Drink from a special cup or mug. Find something special that you only use during your Sacred Moon Time. 
  • Do nothing. Create a sacred space, your very own moon lodge and go into it. Plan ahead for this time and have some frozen meals on hand (or maybe start a moon lodge frozen meal exchange with your sisters), if possible have childcare set up and try and help your partner understand why you need the time to honor yourself. This is good for them, too.
  • Nourish yourself. Eat foods that are good for you and can help provide comfort for you, drink Moon Teas which both honor and nourish you as sacred womb'en. Drink plenty of water which you can bless by speaking words of love into it. A quick "love, love, love" goes a long way. I swear the water even tastes sweeter. 
  • Get creative. Take this time to create - to give birth to your visions and ideas. Sing, dance, paint, draw, journal (a womb journal is something I strongly recommend) - however you want to express yourself! 
  • Consciously release the events of the previous month. If you are keeping a journal, read the things you wrote over the past month. Retain the lessons and then release anything that no longer serves you. Remember - this is our built in stress management system. Take advantage of that! 
  • Return your blood to the mother. This is easiest if you use a Diva or Moon Cup for menstruation rather than tampons or pads (which are not very good for you anyways). I use a small 2 oz. cobalt blue bottle. Collect your blood in this through your moon and then give it back to the Mother. It is said that the blood shed in peace by a woman can counteract the blood shed of man in hatred and war. It also strongly connects you to her and is a wonderful way to give back to her all of those things that you released during your Sacred Moon Time to be recycled by her. This is good, strong medicine. Get past any discomforts with your blood and try it. 
  • Start a sister circle. Simply put a call out to the women in your life and have your first circle. Explain the vision you have and what the circle would be about. Some people will weed out naturally, but more than likely you will have a circle of women to begin gathering with. Grow and learn together. You do not have to be a medicine womb'en to start getting together with your fellow sisters. 
Most of all.....LOVE YOURSELF. Love your moon and the blessing that it is to have one. Teach your daughters to do the same. Then, sit back and see the change ripple out. 

This image is from the cover of Temple Of The Blood. A meditation made for women during their Moon Time. I tried to find a link to this CD and could not - the one I very recently used to buy it is now not working. I did find her blog, however: Living Gently


Lady said...

I began a Circle of Sisterhood last July, and it has greatly enhanced my life. I enjoyed reading this post a great deal and shared it with my sisters. Thank you for writing it. Love and light to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a beautiful inspiration. The sisters in my community are rousing and moving together as our needs to share and support and also to (re)create a culture that our daughters can move naturally into as they are starting to bleed. We felt that embarrassment and shyness could perhaps be eased if they join a sharing energy that is already established rather than have a special celebration just appear for them and feel overwhelmed by sudden attention. This has been our inspiration to meet and create but the beauty of it is that it is really going to nourish us all as well. Seem that as mothers and women we can delay or avoid nourishing ourselves or chose less healthy forms of time out...