Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Skating party - 18+ - BYOB. Are you kidding me? That sounds like the funnest time EVER.....turns out, it totally was.

Cassie and I were feeling totally groovy and decided to put together some fun outfits to wear. We had NO idea there was a theme, but apparently it was an 80's one. Still, we're SO not 80's....we have no regrets.

I found the jeans at goodwill to cut up into shorts, also found the leather belt I'm wearing. The teeshirt was a priceless find. I think I yelled out something like "No. Fucking. Way!" when I pulled it off the rack. I made it tighter by cutting it up in the back and tying knots with the strips.

 Zander was digging the outfits, too! 

We rocked it.
The skating part was SUPER fun! We had a couple of beers in us which I thought would make us fall for sure, but we never did! I was kind of counting on it...but wasn't complaining either when I didn't. I wasn't even as sore as I thought I would be the next day! I think I'm really digging the skating thing. We're certainly looking forward to next month because they are going to do it again and this time WITH the 70's theme.

The best part? My man liked this look, too.....


Sherrie said...

I do have to say.....your legs look pretty smokin!!

Juliea said...

Thanks, babe!

Anonymous said...

It was sooo much fun. I'm looking forward to roller skating all summer AND wearing groovy 70's clothes.