Day Four: Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

Today I had a difficult time getting out of bed. I went to bed on time, I just seem to feel sedated. Hungover, even. I drank black tea on a suggestion of a friend in the morning and I used Agave sweetener with it. I liked it. It still wasn't the creamy, yummy coffee I love so much. Am I really ready for this? If I don't start feeling better soon there isn't going to be much talking me out of going back. But, I know I have committed myself to this and that I have to allow myself the opportunity to allow the change to take place. I'm still not sure, though, whether the coffee thing is a permanent change or not yet. I think just about anything is fine in moderation, I would not go back to how much sugar I put in my coffee though, if I DO go back to drinking it in the morning I will use agave instead. That's the only thing I'm sure of at this point.

My mood fluctuates still. I'm still bitchy when I wake up and then easy to push over the edge throughout the day. I did do the things I wanted to do today, though, and I felt good about that. I went to see a client and her newborn baby in the hospital. It was fun to take some beautiful pictures of her and see her mama.

My goal for the next few days is to TAKE IT EASY. I've been so distracted and disconnected from myself and my family, so the next few days is all about reconnecting. That sounds so good to me right now.

Breakfast: Organic Hemp Waffles with Coconut Oil spread on them and light REAL maple syrup
Lunch: Toasted Organic Ham sandwich with light Organic Ranch dressing, Sprouts, Lettuce & Tomatoes.
Dinner: Naturewell Steaks, Oganic Mashed Potatoes, Organic Peas
I broke down and had a bowl of Shredded Wheat for a night time snack.
60 Ounces of water. NOT enough.
3 Shots of Mangosteen Juice
2 Eleviv
Daily Vitamins

Mentally I feel:
Still tired. Still moody. Head is foggy and swimming with information and desperation to keep myself afloat/get myself truly started. Not a lot has changed there since the last few days.

Physically I feel:
My legs/knees and back are achy,  My jaw is tense. Had a slight headache starting this evening and stuck with the two shots of Mangosteen and it never went beyond that and eventually subsided. Energy level is still extremely low.

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