Day Seven: Week One - A Milestone

 I'm starting to feel really good. I'm sleeping a bit better, and I'm DEFINITELY feeling a little better when I wake up. I'm changing my perspective and making sure that I don't get out of bed until I can do it on a positive note. It's getting easier and easier to divert my attention to something positive.  I've started taking negative thoughts and immediately reversing it by saying the positive opposite of it out loud. So, basically when I catch myself thinking "ugh, this house is always a mess!" I say out loud "my house is clean and organized just the way I like it.".....sure, it's kind of a lie. BUT, I'm clearing the energy from that negative thought and the energy it expelled and replacing it with what I really want. Hopefully this will start to replace these patterns of thought I'm trapped in. 

 My girlfriend came over in the morning to bring me a new product to review so I can do a giveaway here on the blog! She also left me with a whole bunch of samples to try of the line. I'm eager to because I am all about supporting all natural products that use essential oils and pride themselves on being organic. 

 Our kids ran around the house like little crazy people. There were three little boys and a 10 year old girl who kept hoping that they could stay long enough for my daughter to come home.  It got a little intense sometimes, but I think we both enjoyed the time we got to spend catching up and talking about grown up stuff that matters to us. 

 In the evening I actually read a book to the kids and then had a talk time with Kiyra. It was really awesome to do that and not have feelings of obligation or generally being bothered.  I can't stress to you enough what that means to me/us. I know it might sound like something so normal, but in my house it is "too" normal. It's not something that I would normally want to do. It felt really good to do it on my own motivation. 

Today I am grateful for:
Zander turned 1.5 today. He is a handful, that is for sure, but man is he fun. I'm so proud to still be nursing and cloth diapering, and even starting to potty train. He has the funnest personality and I just love every minute I get to snuggle that boy and kiss those cheeks. I am so grateful to have been blessed with him in our lives. 

Breakfast: Organic Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Coconut Oil & half a cup of coffee
Lunch: PB&J & some Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese
Dinner: Organic Spaghetti & Garlic Baguettes
90 Ounces of Water
3 Ounces Mangosteen Juice
Daily Viatmins

Mentally I feel:
Pretty damn good! I managed myself well even when there was a lot of little one's running around rampant. I noticed that I was pretty chill and relaxed through all of that and genuinely not concerned or  bothered by the intensity of the situation. I also read to my kids without being asked to and even set aside aside alone time with Kiyra. It was blissful.

Physically I feel:
A bit more energized. I still have tension and soreness in my jaw. Otherwise there wasn't much to note.

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