Reading Between The Lines of Social Media Conversation

Through working with Reiki and have also receiving CMR's (Cellular Memory Release) from a very trusted and skilled friend, my senses seem to be growing. A LOT. I've always been able to read into the underlying things people are trying to say or do, but never so strongly. It's a bit frustrating because everything that you "feel" and "know" is happening can't be proven. People become really good at saying just enough and at the same time saying nothing at all so that if someone else called them out on it they could easily just be blown off as crazy or simply just "reading into things wrong"....even though you know better. You can feel it.

Facebook, well, all social media - has become a language of it's own. People start leaving status updates that imply what they really feel or are thinking of and then the people that they talk to about it and know what it's really about go and show their support and "like" it or leave equally open ended comments. Everything is left up to interpretation instead of just being clear and saying WTF you really mean.

I calls 'em likes I sees 'em.....always have. There is no reason for me to lie because the truth is compelling enough. There is no reason to beat around the bush and be fake friends with someone on a social media because you are too much of a pussy to be real.

Life is short. Be authentic.