A Vision For Peace - Shedding Our Blood In Love and Peace For The World.

Are you tired of hearing about bad things happening to innocent people? Of blood being shed for absolutely no reason beyond misguided hatred? Of laws being created by a government that seems to only enforce hatred, separation and our own demise? Like me, do you feel an urgency within you to do something about it but feel helpless and have no idea where to start?

I'm not going to post links to any of the articles which I have read recently which have ignited this fire up and down my body - that would only give 'them' more power, more of my precious energy. We all know things are bad.  Our last straw was years and years ago, and we've taken far too much for far too long. We've allowed ignorance to run rampant in this world, excusing people's behavior, saying  "Change takes time", "It's just their belief or culture", "People are crazy". I don't believe any of it is acceptable or true - and I refuse to sit around and just accept it while doing nothing.

In this grip of hopelessness and desire to know what I could do, I was hit with a vision.

This vision has a hold of me so tightly right now that I would not be permitted to leave my computer until finishing this piece of work and putting it out into the world for you to see. It is a direct call to you, my sisters....the very fact that you are here reading this implies that you are ready to hear and take action.

It's time for sacrifice.

The blood shed on this planet is thick and plentiful. Our Mother Earth - she is drowning in it. She has been calling to me and to all of you, my sisters, for ages and the time has come for us all to hear and come together. To know the secrets of our womb'anhood that has been kept from us for many generations, to awaken who we truly are and to restore this incredible imbalance that has taken such a fierce grip on our world.

Our original mothers would have taught us what it means to be a woman, or 'womb'an'. How our blood is a great gift with an enormous amount of healing, life and love giving power. It is the essence of life itself and yet is treated like trash. The original mothers would be ashamed and sorrowed by how hard we work to control, cover up, hide and dispose of our gift - how some even try to stop it completely. They knew that the blood we shed was our life blood, our direct connection to nature, our Mother Earth and our Grandmother Moon. These things are directly reflected within our wombs, our time to bleed is a gift - a built in stress relieving system giving us a couple of days to rest, reflect, release & renew ourselves. In the days of the Moon Lodges and Red Tents that is exactly what we did - and we took that blood and intentionally gave it back to our Earth.

This is our sacrifice, our blood gift to the Earth.

Just as the water that runs through the veins of our Great Mother is her life blood gift to us, our life blood is a gift to return to her. It is said that every drop of moon blood spilled onto the Earth in peace can counteract a drop also shed in hatred. Can you imagine the imbalance here? It's time to restore this balance and through this journey womb'en will unlock the key to their own inner Divine Feminine, she will begin to naturally restore the balance we so desperately need by simply being the example.

So, yes, I'm asking you all to harvest your Sacred Moon Blood and return that blood intentionally to the Earth. At first you may feel like that is crazy....but is it as crazy as shooting two gay teens in the head, or taking out an entire movie theater of people just trying to enjoy a movie, or a government manipulating a people into an unjust war killing and displacing millions (we could go on and on)? I don't think so. Sit for one minute and imagine the amount of blood shed in hatred. Rape, murder, torture...all over the world. How much of that has taken place since you started reading this article? Too much. This is something we can do. It's time to get over the lies we've been told about our blood - it's time to embrace our gift and to give that gift back with the pure intention of creating peace and harmony for all peoples (whatever that means FOR YOU).

This vision is strong, and I can only pray that you can all feel the energy force that surrounds me as I type this message to you all. I see sisters all over the world getting to know themselves and each other, honoring their time and their blood and then giving this blood back ceremonially to our Great Mother. I can't tell you exactly how this will restore peace, but, I have an extremely strong sense that it will. If nothing else, you will know more peace within yourself than you ever have before and you will be able to teach your daughters better than our mothers taught us. To me, that's more than a start in the right direction....that's a revolution in itself.

It's important for me to note here that I do NOT believe that you need to be taught these ways through anyone "trained". You should not have to pay money for any sort of enlightenment.... There are many paths and there are many people who would do it differently. However, I believe that people should start where they are at and do their own research. If you want to find a sister circle or a "trained" person to help you on that path, than that is right for you and that is great! It is, however, completely up to the individual and all paths should be honored.

One more thing.....do something nice for someone every single day. Get to know people - stop living in your bubble and UNITE. Each woman is your sister...each man your brother. Learn to see your reflection in others and allow yourself to love them regardless. Even the most hate filled violent person has something in common with YOU. From that common ground we can build a foundation of peace and understanding.

Try it. What have you got to loose? It's better than doing nothing at all.....


I suggest a Moon Cup of some sort. There are all kinds - but they are WAY better than any tampon could ever hope to be. It's a silicone cup that you place inside and it catches your blood - you can often use it for about 12 hours before needing to empty it, there is no risk of TSS and it's completely reusable. I have a pretty cobalt blue glass bottle which is what I empty my Diva Cup into until my moon time is over. I keep my bottle on my moon alter - or in a sacred space until I am ready to return my gift to the Earth.

Another option is cloth pads which are another wonderful alternative to regular pads. They are reusable making them great on your pocketbook and the environment while also being a healthier option for your precious lady parts. Simply have yourself a "moon bucket" with a lid - fill it with cold water and let your pads soak there after use. The blood water can then be used as your gift and can be given wherever you feel right.

I don't want to hear anything about this being 'gross' - your blood is NOT GROSS. That's the first thing you need to get over. That is your blood, your smell - it is your essence. If you have babies think of them as being made of this substance. Did you know the reason moms & dads love the smell of their babies so much is because it smells like THEM. We are built to love our musk, not cover it up - but this is another way you have unknowingly been trained to deny your power. Who cares if you get blood on your hands or if you have to actually *GASP* touch yourself. If you have a problem with these things you should really sit down and think about why.

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The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
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(Got suggestions?? Add them to comments!!)


"Living life in a holy way
Giving thanks each and every day
Universe holding sacred space
Providing I with gifts so great.

I have a gift and I give it away,
back to the ground it shall remain.
Buried alive or lost at sea, 
either way I let it go intentionally.

And, I celebrate my blood today
We the moons we wax and wane.
Bleeding together, feeling the same - 
I am proud of my body, I am not ashamed.

My blood is the sacredness of the woman within me
My blood is the sacrifice of what could be....maybe.

Young girl don't know what her body is sayin'
spending energy not healing but prayin'
for blood to go away, for the "curse" to fade - 
if only she knew what secret she could embrace.

Mother sure never told me how how beautiful it is.
And, Mother if only you loved yourself, you would know this.
I have come to accept it all, I have come to be grateful.
This is not something we must hide - we were born to bleed it's part of being alive.

And I celebrate my blood tonight.
Luna you heal me with your shining light,
illuminate the soul that's inside us all.
Gather up sisters, can you hear the call?
Can you hear the call?

And my blood is the sacredness of the woman within me.
My blood is the ceremony of life flowing to me and through me.
My blood is the medicine from the birth of a baby.
My blood is the gift from the flowers and the trees
to the Earth and all of humanity.

And, I give it all back to the Earth...
and, I give it all back to the Earth Mother."

I want to know what you all think, what your experiences are....please leave comments!! Let's get this conversation going so that together we can create inner and outer change in this world.   


Anonymous said...

Let me get this right ... somehow you think bleeding on the ground will restore balance to the world and sort everything out.
The women who fought for the vote and for equal rights would be ashamed of lunatics (literally) like yourself.
Get a job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an incredibly hateful comment above and completely unnecessary. If this practice did nothing more than help women to become more aware and less shameful of their bodies and their body processes then it would be worth it. And really what harm does it do? If someone is spending a few days each month in a mindful act of loving intention how different is that from a thoughtful prayer? Or lighting a candle for a loved one who was lost. I write this post in an act of love and acceptance for my fellow human beings and the freedom to speak our hearts without being criticized. Don't be deterred Juliea. Your intentions are felt.

Juliea said...

Thank you anonymous commenter #2, and believe me, I expect many people to see this as a joke - not everyone will get this message as easily as some. Otherwise we wouldn't be so off track in the first place. This isn't something new - it's something forgotten. We just need to remember. YOU are right on with my train of thought though....the idea is more about the ways that this will serve these women individually and that influence and ripple out into the world around them.

And, for the record, "anonymous" - I have a lot of jobs. One of them being fighting for people's rights. Women and men alike. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and leaving a comment with your thoughts. I love you even if you don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your page. I see you are "calling to all" to work with their moon blood. After looking around, I do not see that you have listed yourself trained or experienced in the sacred practice of working with moon blood. Do you understand what you are doing? Working with moon blood is very powerful work and should not be dabbled in. If you do not have any training or teaching to work with that, please do not tell others to play with it such as you are. You can find places to experience the work with moon blood by experienced people. Please do not try to get others to play with this sacred act. If you are ego minded you will probably tell yourself that, "it's your blood, you can do what you want with it", but actually it's the blood of all women, the blood of the ancestors. You should not play with it like it's a toy to manifest YOUR vision for peace. Peace is peace. It is known by all. YOUR vision of peace might be extremely distorted. I'm not going to use my sacred blood to support YOUR vision for peace (again, ego minded). Start within. Start in the home. Start by creating peace between you and your family. That is how you create YOUR vision for peace. There are many more things I could suggest for you to truly get help, but I know they would not be accepted. Bless

Juliea said...

"There are many more things I could suggest for you to truly get help, but I know they would not be accepted."

Ego much?

Juliea said...

I'm not asking anyone to do anything for ME. I would like to see women start from whatever level they are at to begin to find and create their own peace - to get to know themselves and their cycles in a way that is sacred and full of love and acceptance. Do I see this as a way of creating "peace"? Yes. Does their "perception of peace" need to match mine? NO - and I never said it did.

If you don't know me than you know nothing about my "training" or lack of training. I do not believe that these women HAVE to learn about their sacred moon blood through a "trained" person - though I will admit that it could be beneficial. I just think that the wisdom and knowledge is already within us and we should start from wherever we are on the journey. There are many paths and I don't think each of them include a tour guide.

I'm very sorry that you see this post in a negative light. It was written from the very bottom of my heart and soul in a moment when I felt extremely overwhelmed by the imbalance of good and evil on this planet. This is how it flowed out of me and I do not question that, I honor it.

I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing - because I can and I love my life and the experiences I have with it. I wish you love and light wherever you are on your path/journey as well.


Anonymous said...

You are hateful. Thats why you attract hateful people.

Juliea said...

OK "anonymous".....

I guess you're the expert.

Abi said...

Wow I can't believe al the rude comments on here! I read this post and found it very interesting, and I can tell you were writing this because you truly want to help. This is something I am now going to research. Thanks for provoking awareness.

Juliea said...

Enjoy your journey, Abi! And, no worries about the rudeness...that Shakti Effect is strong and I do not take it personally because I understand it actually is not personal - I represent something for them, that's all. Sometimes it's just easier to be rude to others than to address the real issues going on within ourselves. We're human and all do it to some degree or another. I forgive and choose love. <3

Amber said...

People have become so disconnected from the mind/body/spirit connection that they are uncomfortable with others getting in touch and trying ways to balance energy. This is not a culture of awareness (or kindness to those searching for awareness) so hateful and ignorant comments are to be expected. Congrats on finding peace with your body and good luck on your continued journey.